Open Your Life To the Community Of Professionals

Our life is like a computer program. You can improve and develop it alone or in a professional community.

A. Gulin

The idea of ​​this project came to me very long ago and now I will tell you why.

Mentoring institutions are very well developed in our lives:

Personal life
Professional skills

In these and many other areas of our life there is a sufficiently large number of proposals from professional coaches, trainers, doctors, teachers and other specialists who are ready to share their knowledge and experience. And if you have a desire to pump over one or another sphere of your life, you will easily find the specialist you need, the main thing is to know what needs changes and where to look for a professional.

And here comes the difficulty – many of us simply do not know what specifically requires changes in our life … Do you agree?

Human life is a complex system, each component of which affects its other aspects and the person as a whole and, accordingly, requires detailed study and professional adjustment, if, of course, a person wants to improve the quality of his life.

You can compare a person with a digital system: “hardware” is our body, software is our thoughts, experience and knowledge, the computer operator is often ourselves. But note that the more complex the digital system is, the more people are busy with its maintenance, repair and development. And a person, of course, is still more complicated than any digital system created by him, but for the most part he is controlled by only one specialist – himself. Therefore, inevitably a large number of errors in the process control system, called life.