Anton from Russia

My name is Anton, I was born in 1983 in the city of Sumgait (Azerbaijan).
Now I live in Voronezh (Russia). I have a wife, three children and a small online business.

It’s me 2019/04/10

Despite my age and life experience, many things in this life are little known to me.
Therefore, I am sure that I can miss something important that could worsen my life now and in the future.
I also know that there are many people in the world who have knowledge in areas that are little known to me and who are willing to share this knowledge and, most importantly, they like to customize and improve.
I believe that human life is like a computer system that requires careful configuration and updates.
Some of these updates are made by life itself and nature, and I cannot influence them in any way. Some settings I can do on my own, as well as I can connect third-party repositories and get help from the community …

How can you change my life?

  • You must first read the source data
  • If you do not have enough data on your specialization – make a request for additional information on that interests you
  • Make a list of recommendations for me, track the result and correct my behavior


Author of this page:

  • Independently determines the circle of persons who have access to information about his life;
  • Independently provides information about his life in open access or upon request;
  • Free to choose and independently make decisions on making the proposed changes in his life;
  • Undertakes to warn the author of recommendations on the confidentiality of information, if there is one to be;
  • At any time may change these conditions at its discretion.

Recommendations Author:

  • Not responsible for the actions of the author of the page;
  • May provide additional information to the author of the page, allowing to identify him as a specialist in a particular area;
  • Undertakes to not disclose confidential information received from the author of the page;
  • May at any time refuse to cooperate without giving a reason.

You can make the first change in my life or send a request for additional information through comments on this page.

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